The Hungry Games

The Tastiest Game Show on the Market!

  • Attendees will compete for a sweet $200 cash prize & the golden apron!
  • Hands down the most unique & tastiest Game Show on the Market!
  • Learn the Cultural facts about Spices & importance of Teamwork in business!

From the creators of Spice It Up, Lip Sync Battle, Salsa Magic, Shut Up Just Dance, & Dance Like Magic as Seen at over 600+ campuses and corporations, comes the Ultimate Food lovers experience. Students’ abilities to make delicious seasonings will be put to the test for a sweet prize of $200! Here is how the show works. Upon arrival to the show, Attendees will scan a QR code & participate in the Spice & Spice Girls trivia, in round one. Your Attendees will be introduced to the worldly origins and uses of dozens of spices & seasonings while jamming out to Wannabe! The Hungry games DJ will get everyone spicing things up!

Everyone can participate and the top achievers will move on to the next round. In this round get ready for the hilarious blindfolded baby food tasting challenge. Get ready for the blindfolded baby food tasting challenge. Watch as your guests guess sweet & savory baby food flavors in a blast from the past! Finally, in Rounds III & IV, attendees will compete to make the best salad dressing & ultimate pizza seasoning to claim the $200 cash prize! Guest judges will judge the dishes throughout the last rounds. Get ready for a game show filled with music, food & fun, that will have your students HUNGRY for MORE! So if your students are tired of eating boring Ramen noodles & cold pizza The Hungry Games is the spiciest, sweetest, educational, worldly, and downright yummy show on the Market!

Show options include Spice It Up Seasoning Make & Take Before The Hungry games show, students can make & take home their own Seasonings. Here they will have an opportunity to ask questions of our Guest chef and sample items like New Mexico ground peppers, sumac & palm sugar to name a few. Next, they will create their own unique seasoning to take that next meal from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember, attendees can make more than one seasoning with sweet, spicy & deliciously healthy seasoning!


Location: Washington, DC

Welcome to The Hungry Games – The Ultimate Food Lovers Experience! Today, your abilities to make delicious seasonings will be put to the test for a sweet cash prize! Please welcome, The Hungry Games!