Spice It Up

Make Your Own Seasoning!

  • Attendees create their own healthy seasoning, learn about spices origins, and make meals taste amazing!
  • Choose from fun packaging options & customize your labels to bring in your school theme!
  • Show options can include our $200 cash prize food competition SPICE IT UP SEASONING SHOWDOWN!

Here is how the show works. First, your attendees will be introduced to the worldly origins and uses of dozens of spices & seasonings. Here they will have an opportunity to ask questions of our Guest chef and sample items like New Mexico ground peppers, sumac & palm sugar to name a few. Next, they will create their own unique seasoning to take that next meal from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember, attendees can make more than one seasoning with sweet, spicy & deliciously healthy seasoning!

Show options include our food competition show SPICE IT UP SEASONING SHOWDOWN where attendees’ ability to make delicious seasonings will be put to the test for a sweet prize of $100! So if your attendees are tired of eating fast food or flavorless food  Spice It Up is the spiciest, sweetest, educational, worldly, and downright yummy show on the Market!


✅ Make & Take Gringuito Hot Sauce Gift Sets for attendees
✅ The World’s Tastiest Spice Lecture (Taste up to 8 different spices)
✅ Make & Take Gringuito Spice It Up Seasoning Sets for attendees

Location: Washington, DC

What our clients have to say…

The Spice it Up program was a fantastic addition to our multiculturally focused event, Culture Fest! We were able to choose three different spices recipes from different regions of the world (Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa) for students to make and customize. Lee and his team were wonderful to work with, and he provided such a wonderful interactive element to the program. The ambiance of the Spice it Up area was everything that we had hoped for, and many students during and after the event expressed to us just how much they enjoyed it!