Ramsey Mourad • Infinity Compass


  • Self Awareness Guide and Mentor
  • Creator of Infinity Compass online courses
  • Videos with over 57 Million views on Tiktok

Having spent his early life disconnected from his own true nature, Ramsey Mourad’s personal journey back to himself led him to a major in religious studies, the creation of an international business, and adventures in self-discovery around the world. In his transformational message, Ramsey demonstrates how guidance and intuition can play key roles in both our internal and external realities whenever we set about on any trajectory. The signs are literally everywhere once you know where to look. Having this awareness leads individuals to their own wisdom when evaluating choices, and to finding paths of least resistance within any pursuit. For those wanting more, he offers seminars to move this understanding from the cognitive to the experiential. Here, participants are empowered with easy-to-learn meditative techniques that lead to immediate feelings of safety, connection, balance, and well-being. Join him and be led down your own path of self-discovery.

Location: Washington, DC

Having spent years disconnected from his own true nature, Ramsey’s personal journey back to himself led to profound understandings of who and what we really are. Spoiler alert: much more than we think we are. Join him to jump start your own adventure in self discovery.. Please help me welcome, Ramsey Mourad.